Element Radon

Radon ElementIt is a chemical element with the symbol Rn and atomic number 86.
Element Radon is formed from the radioactive decay of uranium. Uranium is found in small amounts in most rocks and soil. It slowly breaks down to other products such as radium, which breaks down to radon. Radon also undergoes radioactive decay.
Radon is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas and therefore is not detectable by human senses alone.
It occurs naturally in minute quantities as an intermediate step in the normal radioactive decay chains through which thorium and uranium slowly decay into lead and various other short-lived radioactive elements;
Radon is no longer used in the treatment of various diseases including cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and ulcers. Radon is used to predict earthquakes, in the study of atmospheric transport, and in exploration for petroleum and uranium.

Names and Identifiers

Chemical Formula:Rn
Molecular Weight:222.00000 g/mol
EC Number :n/a
MDL Number:n/a
Other Names:Rádon
PubChem CID:24857
IUPAC Name:Radon
Canonical SMILES:[Rn]
ICSC Number:1322

Physical & Chemical Properties

Density:9.73 g/L
Boiling Point:211.5 K ​(−61.7 °C, ​−79.1 °F)
Melting Point:202 K ​(−71 °C, ​−96 °F)
Molecular Formula:Rn
Flash Point:n/a
Exact Mass:222.01800

Radon has no stable isotopes. Thirty-nine radioactive isotopes have been characterized, with atomic masses ranging from 193 to 231

Radiosotope data

IsotopeMass/DaHalf-lifeMode of decayNuclear spinNuclear magnetic moment
210Rn209.989682.4 hEC to 210At; α to 206Po0
211Rn210.9905914.6 hEC to 211At; α to 207Po1/20.60
212Rn211.9906924 mα to 208Po0
213Rn212.993870.025 sα to 209Po9/2
214Rn213.995350.000027 sα to 210Po0-0.020
215Rn214.998730.0000023 sα to 211Po9/2
216Rn216.000260.000045 sα to 212Po
217Rn217.003910.0006 sα to 213Po9/2
218Rn218.005590.035 sα to 214Po0
219Rn219.009483.96 sα to 215Po5/2
220Rn220.0113855.6 sα to 216Po0
221Rn221.015625 mα to 217Po; β to 221Fr7/2
222Rn222.017571 (3)3.8235 dα to 218Po0
223Rn223.021823.2 mα to 219Po; β to 223Fr
224Rn224.0241107 mβ to 224Fr
225Rn225.02844.5 mβ to 225Fr
226Rn226.03097.4 mβ to 226Fr

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