Elements China

Elements ChinaElements China is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high purity metals, chemicals & other advanced materials based on Elements. We aim to provide technology and industrial customers throughout the world with product resources and supporting technical services.

Elements China is founded in 2009 and now has its sales office located in Shanghai .We have five core teams include Oversea Sales and Marketing Team , Techinical and Lab Team, Research and development department, QC and QA Team ,Customer Serivce Team. All of the team members are professional and well trained.

Have our own factories in Hefei, Dalian, Jinzhou, Now the plant site cover an area of 70,000 thousand square meters with manufacturing center, R&D center and advanced logistics center. It is our primary pursuit to win 100% customer satisfaction and trust through our qualified quality. We firmly believe that quality is the life of the company. Our quality management system is established in accordance with ISO9001 international standards. The equipments are world-class, and have been thoroughly implemented through efficient information management, ensuring that every process of the product is controlled to ensure the standardization of various processes.

Elements China has more than 15,000 kinds of products, and the number is still increasing. The package ranging from gram to kilograms and in large package sizes. The products include general reagents, metal powders, alloy compounds, catalysts and biochemical reagents. The flexible production line can quickly provide small batch and a variety of products which can satisfy the lab-scale research, pilot production and even large-scale production. Customized service is our advantage.

Elements China is also a service-oriented company. Providing customers with more than just the product itself, it also includes 100% customer satisfaction such as stock inventory, packaging, emergency response, and customer technical support. We have established a customer service team with professional business and considerate service. We take the needs of our customers as our mission. The service penetrates into pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales, and even beyond the product itself. We strive to sell. It is no longer a simple product, but a service.

The financial performance is only one measure of success. Supporting innovations that improve the lives of all mankind is the primary goal of all the people in Elements China.

Production Line

1.The powder-metallurgy (PM) production line, depicted in the diagram below.

Involves mixing elemental or alloy powders, compacting the mixture in a die, and then sintering, or heating, the resultant shapes in an atmosphere-controlled furnace to metallurgically bond the particles.

The common furnaces during the powder-metallurgy (PM) process

2. Fluorescent Phosphor Powder Production Line

Tunnel Stove

Box-type Electric Furnace


We provide OEM/ODM service to our reputable customers. And can manufacture the products from grams to tons, then pack by labelling your designed logo or trademark on the package as required.


We have an excellent R & D team, most of the members have a university degree or above, some engaged in research for many years, has a wealth of experience in R & D. We also cooperate with many scientific research institutions and universities with a lot of projects, they can provide us with the highest quality technical support in the route design.

Our Vision

Customers can get innovative products, intelligent solution and wonderful service.

Be Fast

The quickest response time.

Be Global

A diversified , multi-national customer and supplier base.

Be Professional

More than 10 years in Chemicals field.

Our Mission

The company’s strategy focuses on solutions “to help our customers find the highest-quality and most reliable products base on elements.”

The Elements China aspires to be upon achieving its mission and become the biggest chemicals suppliers and product resources expert in China.

We’re ready to partner with you.