Element Yttrium

Yttrium ElementElement Yttrium is a chemical element with the symbol Y and atomic number 39. It is a silvery-metallic transition metal chemically similar to the lanthanides and has often been classified as a “rare-earth element”.
Yttrium is a soft, silver-metallic, lustrous and highly crystalline transition metal in group 3
In conjunction with other rare earths, yttrium is used as a phosphor in television receivers and is a component of the yttrium-aluminum garnet (YAG) lasers.

Names and Identifiers

Chemical Formula:Y
Molecular Weight:88.906 g/mol
EC Number :231-174-8
MDL Number:MFCD00011468
Color:silvery white
Other Names:Ittrio, Itrio
PubChem CID:23993
IUPAC Name:Yttrium
Canonical SMILES:[Y]
ICSC Number:n/a

Physical & Chemical Properties

Density:4.472 g/cm³
Boiling Point:3203 K ​(2930 °C, ​5306 °F)
Melting Point:1799 K ​(1526 °C, ​2779 °F)
Molecular Formula:Y
Flash Point:n/a
Exact Mass:88.905846
Symbol:Globally Harmonized System of ClassificationGlobally Harmonized System of Classification
Signal Word:Danger
Hazard Statements:H228-H250-H302 + H312 + H332
Precautionary Statements:P210-P222-P231-P280-P422
Hazard Codes:C,Xi,Xn,F
Risk Phrases:R34
Safety Phrases:S26-S36/37/39-S45-S33-S27-S16
RIDADR:UN 3264 8/PG 3
WGK Germany:3
Packaging Group:III
Hazard Class:8

Yttrium isotopes are among the most common products of the nuclear fission of uranium in nuclear explosions and nuclear reactors.
In the context of nuclear waste management, the most important isotopes of yttrium are 91Y and 90Y, with half-lives of 58.51 days and 64 hours, respectively.
Though 90Y has a short half-life, it exists in secular equilibrium with its long-lived parent isotope, strontium-90 (90Sr) with a half-life of 29 years.

Naturally occurring isotopes

IsotopeMass/DaNatural abundance (atom %)Nuclear spin (I)Magnetic moment (μ/μN)
89Y89.905849 (3)1001/2-0.1374153

Radiosotope data

IsotopeMass/DaHalf-lifeMode of decayNuclear spinNuclear magnetic moment
85Y84.916432.6 hEC to 85Sr1/2
86Y85.9148914.74 hEC to 86Sr4<0.6
87Y86.9108803.35 dEC to 87Sr1/2
88Y87.909506106.6 dEC to 88Sr4
90Y89.9071522.67 dβ to 90Zr2-1.630
91Y90.90730158.5 dβ to 91Zr1/20.1461
92Y91.908933.54 hβ to 92Zr2
93Y92.9095610.2 hβ to 93Zr1/2

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