Element Silver

Silver ElementIt is a metallic element with atomic symbol Ag, atomic number 47, and atomic weight 107.8682.
Silver is a naturally occurring element.
It is found in the environment combined with other elements such as sulfide, chloride, and nitrate. Pure silver is “silver” colored, but silver nitrate and silver chloride are powdery white and silver sulfide and silver oxide are dark-gray to black.
Silver is often found as a by-product during the retrieval of copper, lead, zinc, and gold ores.
Silver is used to make jewelry, silverware, electronic equipment, and dental fillings. It is also used to make photographs, in brazing alloys and solders, to disinfect drinking water and water in swimming pools, and as an antibacterial agent. Silver has also been used in lozenges and chewing gum to help people stop smoking.

Names and Identifiers

Chemical Formula:Ag
Molecular Weight:107.868g/mol
EC Number :231-131-3
MDL Number:MFCD00003397
Other Names:Argentum, Argent, Silber, Plata
PubChem CID:23954
IUPAC Name:Silver
Canonical SMILES:[Ag]
ICSC Number:0810

Physical & Chemical Properties

Density:10.49 g/cm³
Boiling Point:2435 K ​(2162 °C, ​3924 °F)
Melting Point:11234.93 K ​(961.78 °C, ​1763.2 °F)
Molecular Formula:Ag
Flash Point:232 °F
Exact Mass:106.905090
Symbol:Globally Harmonized System of Classification
Signal Word:Danger
Hazard Statements:H315-H319
Precautionary Statements:P305 + P351 + P338
Hazard Codes:Xi:Irritant;
Risk Phrases:R22
Safety Phrases:S24/25
WGK Germany:3
Packaging Group:III
Hazard Class:6.1

Naturally occurring silver is composed of two stable isotopes, 107Ag and 109Ag, with 107Ag being slightly more abundant (51.839% natural abundance).

Naturally occurring isotopes

IsotopeMass/DaNatural abundance (atom %)Nuclear spin (I)Magnetic moment (μ/μN)
107Ag106.905092 (6)51.839 (7)1/2-0.113570
109Ag108.904756 (4)48.161 (7)1/2-0.1306905

Radiosotope data

IsotopeMass/DaHalf-lifeMode of decayNuclear spinNuclear magnetic moment
103Ag102.908971.10 hEC to 103Pd7/24.47
104Ag103.9086369 mEC to 104Pd53.92
105Ag104.9065341.3 dEC to 105Pd1/20.1014
106Ag105.906678.4 dEC to 106Pd; β to 106Cd63.71
108Ag107.9059542.39 mEC to 108Pd; β to 108Cd12.6884
110Ag109.90611124.6 sEC to 110Pd; β to 110Cd12.7271
111Ag110.9052957.47 dβ to 111Cd1/2-0.146
112Ag111.907013.13 hβ to 112Cd20.0547
113Ag112.906575.3 hβ to 113Cd1/20.159

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