Name: Scandium Metal
CAS: 7440-20-2
EC Number: 231-129-2
Chemical Formular: Sc
Appearance: Silvery
Molecular Weight: 44.95591 g/mol
Melting Point: 1541 °C
Boiling Point: 2830 °C
Density: 2.985 g/cm3
Solubility in water: n/a
Exact Mass: 44.955908 g/mol
Monoisotopic Mass: 44.955908 g/mol
Topological Polar Surface Area: 0 A^2
Complexity: 0

Scandium Metal
99% Scandium Metal
99.9% Scandium Metal
99.99% Scandium Metal
99.999% Scandium Metal

Scandium Metal,customized specifications

Chemical Formular:Sc
PubChem CID:23952
IUPAC Name:scandium
Canonical SMILES:[Sc]
Pictogram(s):Globally Harmonized System of Classification
GHS Hazard Statements:H228
Hazard Codes:F:Highlyflammable;
Risk Codes:R11
Precautionary Statement Codes:P210
Flash Point:n/a

scandium atom
Scandium powder

Scandium sodium lamp, can be used to bring light to thousands of homes.This is a kind of metal halide lighting: in the light bulb into iodide and sodium iodide scandium, add scandium and sodium foil at the same time, when the high pressure discharge, scandium ion and sodium ion respectively their characteristics of the emission wavelength of light, sodium line 589.0 and 589.6 nm two famous yellow light, and scandium line series of nearly 361.3 ~ 424.7 nm ultraviolet and blue light emission, because each other complementary color, the overall color is white light.It is because of the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, good light color, energy saving, long service life and strong ability to break fog that scandium sodium lamp can be widely used for TV camera and square, stadium, road lighting, known as the third generation light source.

ScandiumScandium atom is a rare earth metal atom, a scandium group element atom and a d-block element atom.
An element of the rare earth family of metals. It has the atomic symbol Sc, atomic number 21, and atomic weight 45.
The properties of scandium compounds are intermediate between those of aluminium and yttrium. A diagonal relationship exists between the behavior of magnesium and scandium, just as there is between beryllium and aluminium.
In the chemical compounds of the elements in group 3, the predominant oxidation state is +3.

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