Element Iodine

Iodine ElementIt is a chemical element with the symbol I and atomic number 53.
The heaviest of the stable halogens, it exists as a lustrous, purple-black non-metallic solid at standard conditions that melts to form a deep violet liquid at 114 degrees Celsius, and boils to a violet gas at 184 degrees Celsius.
Element Iodine was discovered by the French chemist Bernard Courtois in 1811. It was named two years later by Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac from this property
The dominant producers of iodine today are Chile and Japan. Iodine and its compounds are primarily used in nutrition.

Names and Identifiers

Chemical Formula:I
Molecular Weight:126.9g/mol
EC Number :231-442-4
MDL Number:MFCD00011355
Color:violet-dark gray, lustrous/ bluish-black solid, purple vapor
Other Names:Jod, Iodio
PubChem CID:807
IUPAC Name:Iodine
Canonical SMILES:[I]
ICSC Number:0167

Physical & Chemical Properties

Density:4.933 g/cm³
Boiling Point:457.4 K ​(184.3 °C, ​363.7 °F)
Melting Point:386.85 K ​(113.7 °C, ​236.66 °F)
Molecular Formula:I
Flash Point:<50 °F
Exact Mass:126
Symbol:Globally Harmonized System of ClassificationGlobally Harmonized System of Classification
Signal Word:Warning
Hazard Statements:H312-H332-H400
Precautionary Statements:n/a
Hazard Codes:Xn,N
Risk Phrases:20/21-50
Safety Phrases:23-25-61
RIDADR:UN 1759 8/PG 2
WGK Germany:2
Packaging Group:n/a
Hazard Class:n/a

Of the thirty-seven known isotopes of iodine, only one occurs in nature, iodine-127.
The others are radioactive and have half-lives too short to be primordial. As such, iodine is both monoisotopic and mononuclidic and its atomic weight is known to great precision, as it is a constant of nature

Naturally occurring isotopes

IsotopeMass/DaNatural abundance (atom %)Nuclear spin (I)Magnetic moment (μ/μN)
127I126.904473 (5)1005/22.81328

Radiosotope data

IsotopeMass/DaHalf-lifeMode of decayNuclear spinNuclear magnetic moment
120I119.910051.35 hEC to 120Te21.23
121I120.907372.12 hEC to 121Te5/22.3
122I121.907603.6 mEC to 122Te10.94
123I122.90560513.2 hEC to 123Te5/22.82
124I123.9062114.18 dEC to 124Te21.44
125I124.90462459.4 dEC to 125Te5/22.82
126I125.90561913.0 dEC to 126Te; β to 126Xe21.44
128I127.90580525.0 mEC to 128Te; β to 128Xe1
129I128.9049881.7 x 107 yβ to 129Xe7/22.621
130I129.90667412.36 hβ to 130Xe53.35
131I130.9061258.040 dβ to 131Xe7/22.742
132I131.908002.28 hβ to 132Xe4
133I132.9078120.8 hβ to 133Xe7/22.86
134I133.909952.6 mβ to 134Xe4
135I134.910056.57 hβ to 135Xe7/2

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