Element Dubnium

Dubnium ElementThe Soviet Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) claimed the first discovery of the element in 1968, followed by the American Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in 1970
Dubnium is a synthetic chemical element with the symbol Db and atomic number 105
Dubnium is highly radioactive: the most stable known isotope, dubnium-268, has a half-life of about 28 hours. This greatly limits the extent of research on dubnium.
A limited investigation of dubnium chemistry has confirmed this. Solution chemistry experiments have revealed that dubnium often behaves more like niobium rather than tantalum, breaking periodic trends.

Names and Identifiers

Chemical Formula:Db
Molecular Weight:268.126 g/mol
EC Number :n/a
MDL Number:n/a
Color:unknown (presumably metallic/ silvery white/ gray)
Other Names:Dubnio
PubChem CID:56951718
IUPAC Name:Dubnium
Canonical SMILES:[Db]
ICSC Number:n/a

Physical & Chemical Properties

Boiling Point:n/a
Melting Point:n/a
Molecular Formula:Db
Flash Point:n/a
Exact Mass:268

Dubnium, having an atomic number of 105, is a superheavy element; like all elements with such high atomic numbers, it is very unstable. The longest-lasting known isotope of dubnium, 268Db, has a half-life of around a day.

Radiosotope data

IsotopeMass/DaHalf-lifeMode of decayNuclear spinNuclear magnetic moment
255Db255.10741.6 sα to 251Lr; SF
256Db256.10812.6 sα to 252Lr; SF; EC to 256Rf
257Db257.10791.5 sα to 253Lr; SF; EC to 257Rf
258Db258.10934.2 sα to 254Lr; SF; EC to 258Rf
259Db259.10971.2 sα to 255Lr
260Db260.11141.5 sα to 256Lr; SF; EC to 260Rf
261Db261.11211.8 sα to 257Lr; SF
262Db262.11376 (16)34 sα to 258Lr; SF; EC to 262Rf
263Db263.115330 sα to 259Lr; SF

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